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The sport of Triathlon is quickly becoming one of the most popular participation sports on the globe and there's no wonder! With so many different distances and opportunities, there really is an event for all ages and abilities and here at Elite Energy we pride ourselves on delivering a plethora of opportunities for people to take on a Triathlon from world class competitors to the kids - there is something for everyone. For us, it's not about winning, it's about having a go and we are working hard to ensure we stick to our messaging - making events memorable. This page is designed to provide you some of the need-to-know's ahead of your race and what some of the sports jargon. It's pretty comprehensive, but if you still aren't sure, contact us!

This year you are determined to follow through on your resolutions of ‘this summer I am going to get fit’ or ‘this is the year I will try something new’ or ‘this is the year I will do my first triathlon’. So now that you are getting a jump start on your New Year or even last year resolutions, we want to help you get your head around getting started!

So try out your first triathlon with us…tryatriathlon.com.au

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