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TRIsolation doesn’t mean Isolation. As we ALL face some extreme times over the next few weeks and months, the team from Elite Energy will launch a new event titled TRIsolation. Designed to safely allow cyclists, runners, and triathletes to INDIVIDUALLY test themselves against other athletes around the state (and nation) over a set distance and log their times without coming into contact, while at the same time helping support small business through these uncertain times. 
Remember “Tough times will pass, but tough minds will survive”

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Elite Energy have partnered with Peoplecare to bring you TRIsolation to help get through this tough period. Peoplecare is a not-for-profit health insurer based in Wollongong, providing great value private health insurance and fantastic customer service. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Peoplecare, visit peoplecare.com.au or call on 1800 808 706.

How It Works

  • Athletes will have a one-off login to ensure ease of future download/login of data
  • Athletes will choose the distance they wish to participate in for that month. 
  • Athletes will then pay a small fee (relative to the distance) that allows them the ability to log their times for the set distance in cycling and running (these do not need to be done on the same day). You will be required to pay a fee per sport eg one fee as a cyclist and one fee as a runner. 
  • Athletes can participate as many times as they choose within the month and upload their data (especially if its faster)
  • Athletes will also be asked to log details of their efforts along with the date, locations, witness (if any), download file from Strava, Garmin or photos
  • We will highlight monthly winners and placegetters online and athletes that have improved within the sport they have selected


We understand that many courses will be different (we can’t help that). If speed and competition are what you are after, we encourage you all to find these fast courses and (safely, legally and honestly) try and reduce your times.

Depending on the success, we can have State Titles, where we recommend set courses and placegetters will be recognized online (with a selfie) and discount entries to Elite Energy Events.

As much as TRIsolation is about achieving goals and maintaining fitness during these challenging times, we also want to make it fun and enjoyable. So make sure you make good use of our Facebook page to upload your journeys and your locations and also a great opportunity to let your mates know of your achievements and their downfalls (hee hee).

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Why TRIsolation

  1. Allow athletes to still have goals and focus during these uncertain times in a safe and healthy environment
  2. Allow the industry to still be able to have cash flow during these uncertain times. (industry can include, training groups, training squads, bike shops, sports stores, race directors, event organizers, and their staff and families)
  3. Enable athletes to still be able to compete (or participate) against other athletes across various locations, abilities and age groups. 
  4. Enable athletes to better their times from week to week and month to month in preparation for a happy, healthy and vibrant entry into their next event ………………. whenever it may be. 

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Running (Road or Trail)  
Up to 5km $5
Up to 10km $10
Up to 21km $15
Cycling TT *  
5km $5
20km $10
40km $15

* PLEASE NOTE: We suggest all rides and cycle legs be completed virtually. For your safety, rides should not to be completed on the road.
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Race of Truth

  • As you will know, there NEEDS to be an element of truth and trust in logging your times. I am sure that if the correct times are not logged that peer pressure and friendly rivalry will take over and the truth will eventually come out (even if it’s via your mates)


We understand there will be many courses across so many locations. We would love to build our online database of the courses you choose to ride and run in your area/town or online. So please email them to emo@eliteenergy.com.au and we will create files for others to test themselves on the same course and terrain.

Keep in mind it’s up to you to find a fast, safe, legal (and honest) course, as long as you do the distance you have entered in. This will mean that you may have to do multiple laps or part thereof.

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