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Do you feel that all that running is getting you nowhere? You just aren’t reaching your goals? Some days do you just feel like giving up? Do you ever feel it’s just not worth it all? Well, we are giving you the opportunity to become a real LOSER. You can become a LOSER as an individual or as a team with your friends or work colleagues. We’re launching our first LOSER program at Lizard Log, Western Sydney Parklands.

What is a LOSER?

L.O.S.E.R. stands for the Last One Standing Endurance Race.

How it Works

Runners will run/walk 1 lap (approx 7 km) every hour on the hour. If you run 35 min you get 25 min rest before your next race. If you run 48 min, you get 12 min rest and so on. The fast you run, the more rest you get. You can enter as an individual or as a team of 2 or 4. Teams can run whatever legs they choose while others watch, sleep, or celebrate. Teams categories will be All Male, All Female & Mixed. Mixed MUST have a minimum of 2 females.

Event Information


To keep you motivated and challenged, we will have milestones. Both individuals and teams will have the fastest combined times for set distances eg 21 km, 50 km, 100 km, and 160 km. These milestones will be available LIVE (after each runner has all finished the last lap of that milestone and will also be recognized after the event online.


As most of you will be LOSER‘s, we want to recognize this appropriately. Once you (or your team) have run/walked as far as you can or want to, its time to collect your LOSER Wooden Spoon. The overall placegetters in each 10 year age category (male & female) and each team (all male, all female and mixed) will be awarded a Gold, Silver and Bronze Wooden Spoon at a presentation on completion of the overall event.

What You Get

At registration, you will proudly be recognized as a LOSER with a piece of LOSER clothing or merchandise. You will be given a Race Bib and a welcome with a smile.


All runners will be called to the start line approx 3 min prior to the race start. Your time will not start until you cross the start mat (what we call a rolling start). So don’t stress if you seem to be at the back and concerned of an inaccurate time.


The finish line will be approx 50 m behind the Startline. This will allow runners to line up prior to their race start without affecting those runners still finishing and (hopefully) ready for their next race.

Live Timing

Our amazing timers (Multisport Australia) will have live timing for you to track yourself, your team and compare how you are going during the race.

Refuel Stations

We ask that you all carry your own nutrition and hydration for the entire event. Although a 7 km (ish) loop is not too far, it all starts to add up after doing many laps. There will be a Refuel Station at the Start/Finishline. We will have ONE Aid Station on the course (approx halfway) for the first 50 km.

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