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Since 2005, the Huskisson Triathlon Festival has been growing bigger and better year on year, and it has all been leading to this! From humble beginnings with 285 athletes, to 6000+ competitors year on year…2025 will see the introduction of our BIGGEST EVENT EVERHusky Ultra!

Competitors will engage in four days of intense racing across 5 days, challenging the fortitude of our most formidable athletes!

Husky Ultra begins with 3 days of racing – a swim and bike on Wednesday, a bike on Thursday and a run on Friday. Following a Saturday rest day (phew!!), athletes will take on the Husky Ultimate Triathlon on Sunday, in a final push to conquer Husky Ultra.

Husky Ultra will take in some of the most amazing locations of the Shoalhaven Region including beaches with the world’s whitest sand – challenging both INDIVIDUAL athletes and (for the first time in Australian Ultra Events) TEAMS.


Not quite ready to take on the whole event this year? Grab a buddy or two and team up!

An Husky Ultra team will see a team member swim on Wednesday and Sunday, a member bike on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and a member run on Friday and Sunday (2 or 3 people).





Info / Rules


Athletes will be self-supported by their team members, family and friends, who will play a major part in the excitement and nerves of this event, with limited options if you do not have this support.

  • Every athlete must have a minimum of one adult as support crew. Vehicle: Each team will be given two numbers to affix to the crew vehicle. The first is to be affixed to the lower right (driver’s side) of the back windshield. The second should be affixed to the lower left (passenger’s side) front windshield
  • Two handlers are included in the price of registration, who each receive a handler tee and an invitation to the Welcome function on Tuesday 18th. Additional handlers (including tee and invitation to function) can be added at the time of registration.


  • The athlete and crew must ensure they follow the official course, as advised by Elite Energy prior to the event. If an athlete fails to follow the official course, time penalties or disqualification No time credits or adjustments in finishing results shall be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course for any reason. Time penalties or disqualification may result from failure to follow the proper course. Every effort will be made to mark each intersection on the course. Detailed course descriptions and route maps will be made available to each athlete and crew.


  • Competitors can race as individuals or in a team. Teams can be all male, all female or mixed. Competitors will be divided into ten year age groups, starting at 20-29 years of age.
  • Competitors must be a minimum of 20yrs old on race day.


  • Should any athlete disobey any of the rules as listed by Elite Energy Events, they may be disqualified by race organisers.


  • Medical will be available at the Finish Line and where possible, in vehicles for emergencies.
  • Each athlete will have responsibility for their own wellbeing and basic first aid and should carry their own band-aids, blister/strapping tape, chafe cream, and sunscreen.
  • Ensure you are aware of the effects of dehydration and extreme fatigue. If you do not feel you are not fit to continue, call the Elite Energy race day phone number to withdraw.


  • It is essential for athletes to ensure adequate planning has been undertaken prior to their race. All athletes must inform, train, organise and prepare their support team to ensure a smooth and safe race. This includes providing them with copies of event information including any adjustments to the race schedule. It is also recommended the athlete and support team drive the entire land course before the start of the event.

Race Briefing

  • It is compulsory for Athletes and the Support Team Captains to attend the race briefing on Wed 20th Feb. Athletes and crews must register before the start of the Pre-Event/Race sessions. All members of the support team are encouraged to attend the briefings, however if they can not attend, it is the athlete and support team captain’s role to ensure all crew are briefed.


    Swim Info / Rules

The swim will be a 5.7 km course (see the maps). Each swimmer must have a safety ski/board for the swim duration. The main goals of your paddler are;

  1. Safety without advantage, motivatation and support on your journey.
  2. Ensure you swim in the straightest line possible (it is recommended to paddle on the leading side that your swimmer breaths).
  3. Ensure your swimmer has adequate nutrition to complete the swim and prepare for the ride immediately afterwards.
  • Paddlers are NOT to interfere with other swimmers or paddlers during their time in the water. It would benefit if your paddler held a First Aid Certificate (but not compulsory). All paddlers must carry a plastic whistle (Preferably a Fox 40) (for emergency use only).
  • Wetsuits are recommended (for a fast new wetsuit, use your HUUB Discount Voucher).

Swim Nutrition

You will be given a mesh swim bag to place your nutrition into at registration. Your paddler will be able to hand you this bag (when requested) to allow you to consume adequate nutrition during the swim. Please ensure that BOTH the swimmer and paddler have adequate fluid and nutrition for the entire swim leg. All empty nutrition packaging, etc, MUST be placed back in the mesh bag (supplied). Callala Beach is part of a national park and must be left the way we find it.

Safety & Emergency

  • If, for some reason, you need assistance or feel unwell, your paddler will be your immediate first assistance. They may bring you to shore for support, or you can rest and recover (stationary) until you feel okay and continue on. If, for some reason, your paddler needs to escalate the emergency, they can use their whistle and wave their arms to attract attention.
  • Paddlers MUST carry a mobile phone in a waterproof bag for emergencies (Emergency contact list will be provided at Race Briefing)
  • BOTH swimmer and paddler must attend the pre-race briefing


    Bike Info / Rules

  • Cut-off times TBC
  • Mandatory gear list TBC

Rear light

  • All participants are required to have a flashing light attached to the rear of their bike.

Check points

  • Wednesday – Currarong Bowling Club carpark
  • Thursday – Nerriga Public Toilet Rest Stop

Feed Stations & Nutrition

  • Wednesday: Rest/Recovery station at Callala Beach Community Hall
  • Thursday: Refill stations at Nowra MotoPlex, Tianjara Falls, Nerriga Public Toilet Rest Stop (turn around point), Tianjara Falls, Nowra MotoPlex


  • Drafting of any type is prohibited.


    Run Info / Rules

  • Cut-off times TBC
  • Mandatory gear list TBC

Feed Stations & Nutrition

  • Aid stations at 4 points through the course through Huskisson and Vincentia. Huskisson Beach, Illfracrome St, Vincentia Boat Ramp & Greenfields Beach (Blenheim Beach)




Day Date Husky Ultra Location
Tue 18-Feb-25 Welcome Function, Registration & Compulsory Race Briefing Huskisson Hotel
Wed 19-Feb-25 Swim 5.7 km Callala Beach
Wed 19-Feb-25 Bike 90 km Callala/Currarong
Thu 20-Feb-25 Bike 180 km Nowra/Nerriga/Burrier
Fri 21-Feb-25 Run 63 km Huskisson area
Sat 22-Feb-25 REST DAY Huskisson
Sun 23-Feb-25 S1.9/B90/R21 (Husky Ultimate) Huskisson
Sun 23-Feb-25 Preso & Awards White Sands Park


Entry Fees

All participating ULTRA athletes will be championed on our social pages in the lead up to Shimano Husky Triathlon Festival.

Merch packs included for participants registered prior to 5pm 22 January 2025.


Entry Day Licence
Early Bird (closes Midnight 30 Aug)
Individual Husky Ultra $37.50 $1,850 $2,050
Team Husky Ultra $37.50 $1,999 $2,099

* Payment plan available: Pay $500 payment to secure your spot on the start line and have an invoice issued for 2 further payments one on the 15th November equalling 50% of the balance and the remaining balance due on the 3rd Feb 2025. Deposit is subject to refund and withdrawal policy.

Course Maps


5.7km Swim description

  • START – Callala Beach Community Centre
  • North West for 1.3km (buoy turn)
  • South to 4.5km (buoy turn)
  • North West 1.2km
  • FINISH – Callala Beach Community Centre – 5.7km

90km Bike description

  • START – Bike HQ Callala Beach Community Centre
  • Turn left onto Callala Beach Rd – 0.6 km
  • Turn left onto Forest Rd – 3.9 km
  • Continue onto Currarong Rd – 27.5 km
  • Continue onto Forest Rd – 53.5 km
  • Turn left onto Callala Beach Rd – 54.4 km
  • Turn right onto Quay Rd – 57.7 km
  • Turn left onto Callala Beach Rd – 59.0 km
  • Turn left onto Forest Rd – 62.2 km
  • Turn right onto Callala Beach Rd – 84.9 km
  • Turn right onto Quay Rd – 88.2 km – FINISH


180km Bike description

  • START – Nowra Motoplex
  • Turn left onto Albatross Rd – 5.1km
  • Turn left onto Yalwal Rd – 9.8km
  • Continue onto Burrier Rd – 16.7km (course turn)
  • Continue onto Yalwal Rd – 30.0km
  • Turn left onto Longreach Rd- 40.7km (course turn)
  • Turn right onto Cabbage Tree Ln – 46.5km
  • Turn right onto Albatross Rd – 48.6km
  • Turn right onto Braidwood Rd – 51.9km
  • Continue onto Nerriga Rd – 53.3km
  • Continue onto Braidwood Rd – 109.2 km
  • Nerriga (course turn) – 115km
  • Continue onto Braidwood Rd
  • FINISH – Nowra Motoplex – 180km


63km Run description (15+km loop x 4)

  • START – Fegan St Huskisson (Near the White Sands Tourist Park)
  • Turn left onto Nowra St – 0.22
  • Continue onto Beach St – 0.37
  • Over Moona Moona bridge turn left at Ilfracombe st
  • course turn at Greenfields Beach – 7km
  • Back to Fegan St Huskisson – 15+km – FINISH
  • Paved – 5.7 km (38%)
  • Unpaved – 1.6 km (11%)
  • Unknown – 7.7 km (51%)


What you get

Your entry includes a generous swag consisting of:

  • Backpack
  • Athlete Jacket
  • Athlete Finisher T shirt
  • Husky Hat
  • Husky Socks
  • Athlete Handler T Shirt x 2
  • Towel
  • Welcome Event tix for Athlete and 2 Handlers
  • Fisiocrem Massage
  • Recovery Ice Bath
  • Hydration partner products
  • Ultra Finisher Award
  • Ultimate Finisher Medal


Husky Ultra (indicative only)

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