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Dive in to our newest event on the calendar! This unique challenge invites participants to swim and run in a one of our favourite breathtaking settings.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete seeking a new adventure or a fitness enthusiast eager to try something extraordinary, our SWIMRUN event promises an unforgettable test of endurance, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of combining these two disciplines in one unforgettable race.

An adrenaline pumping endurance adventure like none other – two disciplines, one set of gear, and one epic challenge! 

SWIMRUN can be tackled as a pair, or individually. With a dynamic mindset and willingness to cross varying terrain, SWIMRUN is the ultimate bucket list event. Trailing the stunning coastline of Jervis Bay and with a course length to suit everyone, it simply doesn’t get better than this!

SWIMRUN was born in Sweden with the unofficial World Championships SwimRun Otillo with multiple short stages of swimming and running as a team (that MUST stay together) or as an individual. SWIMRUN athletes will mix things up on a fantastic new course in and alongside the water.




What makes SWIMRUN so unique? The event comprises of multiple swim and run legs along the course, as competitors race through seamless transitions and with an adventure-focussed mindset. Crossing sandy beaches, rocky terrain and off-road trails, take the challenge up a notch – SWIMRUN racers must wear and carry their gear the entire way. YEP, we’re talking swimming in their shoes, running in their swim attire and wearing one race bib for the duration of their event. Featuring a short course and long course, SWIMRUN is an achievable endurance event – see short course and long course maps for more info.


Race Name Date
Long Course October 29, 2023 More information Register
Short Course October 29, 2023 More information Register


Given the nature of a SWIMRUN, we recommend taking your gear for a spin in the lead up to the event, we’re talking practice running in your swim attire – whether that be bathers, wetsuit or neoprene exercise gear. Consider out of the box circumstances like running in wet shoes, check your socks and toes are secure so you don’t end up with rubbing. Sure, swimming in shoes is an added element of challenge, so athletes are welcome to use a pull buoy, so long as you have adequate means of attaching the buoy to your body as you run.

Thinking of being sneaky? Placegetters will have their equipment checked at finishing to ensure they’ve played fair, and mandatory gear may be checked by staff along the way.

For more information, check out the mandatory gear and optional gear items below.


Mandatory Gear

The most obvious item is your swimmers. Make sure you are comfortable running in them prior to race day.

Participants will be provided with a swim cap and vest in your event kit – these must be worn at all times – even on the run.

You must wear running shoes throughout the event. Light shoes with good grip, and thin socks, are recommended for comfort and safety when switching from swim to run and back again.


Optional Gear

A good pair of goggles is recommended for a comfortable swim.

You may make use of a pull buoy in order to counter the drag created from wearing shoes. Determine how you will attached this to your body for the run segments.

Similarly, hand paddles may be utilised – make sure you train with these prior to race day.

A tether rope is used by some to keep team members together. This is not compulsory.

Road Closures

There are no road closures for this event

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