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This is quickly becoming the benchmark endurance event in the Southern Hemisphere and will test even the toughest of competitors and those willing to take the challenge ‘into thin air’.

This event will be up there with the likes of Norseman and has been designed to really test an individual. It’s not just about distance, it’s about altitude, it’s about unpredictable weather, it’s about hills – big hills, competitors will be running to the highest peak in Australia and it will be in vain if they don’t get there before dusk when the National Park come in and literally lock you out.

Due to the nature of the course and safety requirements, entries will be capped, with everyone vying for the ultimate ‘AAA Extreme Finisher’ status.





swim 3km

The swim will be held at the picturesque Lake Jindabyne and see you do 3 laps of a course.
While it may be considered the tamer of the three legs, competitors shouldn't be complacent.
The challenge of altitude, weather and what's in store is enough to set the stage of a big event.


bike 113km

The ride starts at 900m altitude and the 113km bike leg will see you riding to the famous Dead Horse Gap, ‘The Gate’ into the Murray River Valley. From here you will head back towards Jindabyne VIA Bullocks Flat for a drink stop. After leaving Bullocks flat you will ride to Charlotte Pass Village, this ride has you climbing over 3200 vertical metres, and will be your T2 area.


run 22km

Now the real challenge begins - the ascent to Australia’s highest peak. Participants will be winding their way up from Charlotte Pass Village, to Charlotte Pass and to the start of the Summit Trail before beginning most gruelling stretch – a 9km climb to the peak of Mt Kosciuszko. Once at the peak, competitors can take a moment to soak it all in before they make the final 9km descent to the finish line at Charlotte Pass Village.

Entry Fees

^ No event shirt included after Second Release period

EntryDay LicenceEarly BirdFirst ReleaseSecond ReleaseLate^On The Day^
Closes 5pm, 18th October 2019Closes 5pm, 13th December 2019Closes 5pm, 10th January 2020Closes 5pm, 2nd February 20208th February 2020
Event shirtIncludedIncludedIncludedNANA

Course Maps


FRIDAY 7th February 2020

3.00pm4.30pmOptional 50km & 25km Trail Run Registration OpensRydges Horizons- Jindabyne
4.00pm5.30pmCompulsory AAA RegistrationRydges Horizons- Jindabyne
4.00pm5.00pmOptional Standard Registration OpensRydges Horizons- Jindabyne
6.00pmAthlete welcome and Compulsory Event Briefing - AAARydges Horizons- Jindabyne

SATURDAY 8th February 2020

6.00am6.30amTransition - Australian Alpine AscentHorizon Point - Rydges Hotel, Jindabyne
6.45amEvent Briefing - Australian Alpine AscentTransition area - Horizon Point, Jindabyne
7.00amRACE START - AUSTRALIAN ALPINE ASCENT (3KM, 113KM, 22KM)Start Line - Horizon Point, Jindabyne
7.30am8.30am50km Trail Run RegistrationChalet Hotel - Charlotte Pass Village
7.30am9.00am25km Trail Run RegistrationChalet Hotel - Charlotte Pass Village
8.45amEvent Briefing - 50km Trail RunStart Line - Charlottes Pass Village
9.00amRACE START - 50KM TRAIL RUNStart Line - Charlottes Pass Village
9.15amEvent Briefing - 25km Trail RunStart Line - Charlottes Pass Village
9.30amRACE START - 25KM TRAIL RUNStart Line - Charlottes Pass Village

SUNDAY 9th February 2020

9.00amPresentation - Trail Run 25k & 50kRydges Horizons- Jindabyne
10.00amPresentation - AAA & Standard Distance Triathlon EventsRydges Horizons- Jindabyne

Event Information

See Race Rules Here

AAA From a Race Director’s Perspective


  • Swim start early in Jindabyne – 3 lap course and the lake is usually warmer than the air temp, so stay warm until you enter the water. Take the swim nice and easy as there is a long day ahead.
  • Exiting the swim, dry yourself well and dress appropriately so as the keep your core temp up if the weather is cool / cold. The mountains are very deceiving and can get quite cold at the top of some of these climbs. Maybe have long fingered gloves available (bmx / mountain bike gloves are a happy medium for these temperatures and still allow great feeling of your bike)
  • Bike ride – I WOULD USE A ROAD BIKE. Start with 2 bottles. Road bikes are great for climbing and safer for descents and you wont get much more speed / aero on a road bike on these descents. Use small gearing (suggest 36 / 25 or 28 as your smallest gear) and spin up the hills as this will conserve energy for the long day ahead (remember the hare and the tortoise).
  • Take it easy riding on the foot path from T1 to the main road when trying to clip in and no overtaking other riders.
  • Carry enough nutrition for the first 58 km until you reach Bullocks Flat. Ensure you allow adequate braking time to turn left into Bullocks Flat. Exchange 2 bottles at the change over point and take in nutrition. You may want to put on extra clothing for the descents, as when you climb, you will sweat, LOTS, and when descending at higher speeds, this sweat will cool very quickly to a chill. I personally would consume approx 0.75 grams of carbohydrates per kilo of your own body weight per hour (this can include liquid carbs).
  • Ensure you slow down as you descend back into Jindabyne, there is a left hand turn at the bottom. Once you turn LEFT onto Kosciuszko Rd, you have about 5 km before a very long climb (16 km). Save yourself for this, and as suggested, use small spinning gears. Have your team ready at the Kosciuszko Education Centre, Sawpit Creek (located just AFTER the park entry gate) to exchange bottles at the parking area at the top, before continuing on to Charlotte Pass and turning left down into Charlotte Pass Village for an amazing mountainous transition.
  • There is 1 aid station on the bike course at the Bullocks Flat Ski Tube.
  • Also, be aware that your handler and any other spectators in your crew will be required to purchase a National Parks Pass for the days you wish to enter the National Park
  • Run will commence at The Charlotte Pass Village  your handler can assist with nutrition in the designated Feed Zone. You will run up the windy road you just decended down moments ago and turn left to go to the Charlotte Pass turning Circle (i would use the toilets) you move onto solid dirt fire trail – The Summit Trail – for approx 7.5 km to Rawson Pass. This gradual climb can be warm (depending on weather), so once again ensure you or your handler has adequate clothing for all conditions. When at Rawson Pass a medical team will assess you (verbally or physically) and you will have approx 1.5 km to the top of Kosi where a (lucky) volunteer will take your number. From there, you will run back down the same trail towards Charlotte Pass VIllage for the  finish (phew). Your handler can run / walk across the line with you and you will be greeted by our Finish Line Director / Medical Team and any crazy family of friends that want to witness you finish this epic event.


  • When you finish at Charlotte Pass Village, this is an amazing feeling and achievement, however you will need to monitor your feelings, thoughts and processors along with your handler. Support crew / family will have your warm gear at Charlotte Pass Village and it will also have a fully equipped medical team, nutrition and warm soup (if needed). Once you have finished the race and are comfortable to return you MUST gain approval from our Finish Line Medical Director and notify our Finish Line Director of your departure.


Why should I attempt the Australian Alpine Ascent?
Because you are an athlete who has done long course events in the past and really like to challenge yourself. You like riding and running the mountains. You like to be one of the few finishers of this amazingly tough event.

How far from Sydney is Jindabyne/Thredbo
It is about 5 hours from Sydney to Jindabyne by car, longer with traffic.

How far from Melbourne is Jindabyne/Thredbo
It is approximately 6 and half hours from Melbourne to Jindabyne by car, longer with traffic.

What is the water temperature in Lake Jindabyne in March?
The water in Lake Jindabyne in February can vary anywhere between 14 and 20 degrees Celsius

What is the field limit size for AAA?
The AAA event can only have 300 competitors in total.

What are the cut-off times for each leg of the AAA event?
The 3km swim cut-off will be 1 and a half hours. All participants need to be off the bike at Charlotte Pass Village by 4.00pm.

How long do we have to complete the event?
12 hours from start of race (7.00pm). All athletes will be pulled off the course after this time.


What is an AAA finisher?
A finisher who beats these cut off times and finishes at Charlotte Pass after reaching the summit of Mt Kosciuszko in 12 hours or less. A true legend!

What do we do with the car at Charlotte Pass Village?
One member of the support crew is dropped off at Charlotte Pass Village to accompany the athlete to the summit and back down again, and the other support crew can relax in their car at Charlotte Pass Village or join in on the atmospheric finish line there!

How many handlers do we need?

You have a couple of options:
1) The competitor can have two support people, one to support them on the bike leg and collect their bike once the competitor is on the run leg. The other support person accompanies the competitor on the run section from Charlotte Pass Village where they will meet up with their other support person after their race.

2) The competitor can have one support person, who drives to support them during the ride, and then rides a MTB (or runs) to support the athlete on the run from Charlotte Pass Village to the Kosciuszko summit and back.

3) You will be permitted to compete without a support person only if you comply with the following:
– You have 2 bottles on the bike
– Adequate clothing for the conditions (carried on at an Aid station)
– Adequate food/water & clothing for the entire run (run Aid station at 1km & 8km)

How do the handlers support the athlete?
The handlers support the athlete by:
-Helping athlete set up in transition
-Clearing transition zone of athletes wet suit and equipment
-Feeding the athlete while on the bike leg between Thredbo and Charlotte Pass Village
-Providing technical support to the athlete on the bike leg, between Thredbo and Charlotte Pass Village

PLEASE NOTE: Handlers need to make sure that they exhibit PATIENCE when supporting their rider; they need to obey all road rules, they will need to travel behind a “pilot car” at all times on the road. Support vehicles need to not do any dangerous manoeuvres that could jeopardise the safety of any of the athletes on the road, or other road users.

How are the handlers identified?
The handlers are identified with AAA supporter lanyard and shirt, supplied by Elite Energy.

Can we enter the transition area?
Only one member of the support crew can enter transition to assist the set-up and the clearing of the transition zone of the athletes’ equipment.

Are there any aid stations supplied
Yes, there are toilets at Rawson Pass and Charlotte Pass and Bullocks Flat. These areas will be classified as “refill” areas where competitors can top up their bottles.

What happens with the wet suits, bikes, and shoes at the transition areas?
They are collected by the handler, who is identified by their official handler lanyard and t shirt.

Can you swim in Lake Jindabyne before the event?
Yes, it is open to the public and anyone can swim in the lake. There is a marked zone in the lake in which you can swim, located at the end of Barry Way.

What happens if there is bad weather on the mountain?
If extreme weather conditions occur, the checkpoints at Charlotte Pass and Rawson Pass may be closed by National Parks and Wildlife. The athletes will have to finish at the closed checkpoint. Fog and snow are the most likely reasons to close the checkpoint.

Why can’t we pass Charlotte Pass Village after 4.00pm?
The 4.00pm cut-off is the arbitrary time decided to make sure that the competitor has time to make it to the summit of Kosciuszko, down to the finish line at Charlotte Pass Village, safely in daylight hours.

What if I don’t make the cut-off time at Charlotte Pass Village?
You will not be a AAA finisher. All athletes will be pulled off the course at the 12 hour point.

Is there prize money?
We are not having a Pro Category; however, the first 3 males and females across the line will be awarded AMAZING TROPHIES.

Are there age group awards?
Each place getter in each age group will be awarded a medal. The first 3 across the line will NOT be eligible for Age Group Awards.

What is included with our entry fee? 
– Event T Shirt
– AAA  finishers merchandise item (it is a surprise!)
– Official support crew T shirts, Lanyards and Car stickers
– Age group prize podium winners will receive medals
– Valuable draw prizes
– Sponsors product
– An AMAZING race venue
– Chip timing and results on event day
– Safe and professionally managed event
– Incredible support from local charity groups – who receive a portion of the proceeds from this event
– Sanctioning, technical support and insurance through Triathlon NSW
– Bragging rights and an amazing story to tell!

How do our supporters get to the finish line?
Supporters can get to the finish line by driving along Kosciuszko Road to Charlotte Pass Village. Parking will be made available for support and spectator vehicles.

What will be at the finish line?
Sponsor nutrition products, soup, water, electrolyte, Finish line flags, a table for finish paraphernalia, medical, and toilets. There is also a building to shelter for warmth and a cafe serving food!

What happens after the finish line?
After the finish line, the athlete should make their way to their vehicle with their handler, located at Charlotte Pass Village.

Will there be an awards ceremony?
After the event, there will be a post-race chill out at Rydges Horizons Jindabyne. The official Presentation of all awards and AAA finishers will be at Rydges Horizons Jindabyne on Sunday morning at 10am (Breakfast available please indicate numbers- athlete included in entry fee. Family, spectators and handlers can purchase)

Where is the best place to get accommodation?
Rydges Horizon Resort Snowy Mountains (http://www.rydges.com/accommodation/snowy-mountains-nsw/rydges-horizons-snowy-mountains/welcome/ )
Acacia Snowy Motel, Jindabyne (http://www.rydges.com/accommodation/snowy-mountains-nsw/thredbo-resort/welcome/)
The Station- offering 15% discount to all AAA participants and their supporters (www.thestation.net.au)
These are all great accommodation options!

What will we need to carry with us after Charlotte Pass Village?
The competitor AND the support person will need to carry a backpack each past this point (the support person MUST JOIN them at Charlotte Pass Village), which will be checked to make sure that it contains the following:
– Food (2 energy bars or bananas)
– Drink (at least 1 litre each)
– Mobile Phone
– Dry and warm clothes including long pants and waterproof jacket with sealed seams
– Gloves and a woollen hat
– emergency space blanket
– compression bandage

– please note that ANY COMPETITOR who gets to the Charlotte Pass checkpoint  past 3pm MUST have a torch/headlamp on them for the run up to the summit. This does NOT include a torch app on a mobile phone ***


After the event has finished, and we are off the mountain, how can we freshen up!?
Everyone is welcome back to the Rydges Horizons Jindabyne. There will be a celebratory breakfast for participants and their supporters at Rydges Jindabyne on the Sunday morning at 10am.

What you get

We try our best to give each participant the best possible sporting event experience.

Here is a list of the benefits that you will receive with your race entry:

  • Event T Shirt or merchandise item
  • New and improved course
  • Age group prize podium winners will receive medals
  • Valuable draw prizes
  • Sponsors product
  • An AMAZING race venue
  • Chip timing and results on event day
  • Safe and professionally managed event
  • Incredible support from local charity groups – who receive a portion of the proceeds from this event
  • Sanctioning, technical support and insurance through Triathlon NSW
  • Post race snacks and recovery nutrition yummo!
  • Bragging rights and an amazing story to tell!

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