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The Australian Alpine Ascent Ultra trail runs feature two distances, the full 50km and the half 25km which will feature a combination of road and trail tracks. You’ll cross through locations like Perisher and Charlotte Pass and Summit Mount Kosciuszko. It’s brutal, but it’s beautiful and the courses have been designed to showcase the very best of the Snowy Mountains along the way.

Update: We’ve reached capacity for current NSW Health orders for the 50km event. Sign up here and we’ll let you know when there’s a spot available for you.
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The start in Charlotte Pass Village means that you hit your first substantial hill in the first couple of hundred meters. Once you have blown out the cobwebs with that, there is gentle uphill until you reach the end of the road at Charlotte Pass. It is then onto the Main Range Track where there is a steep downhill to the Snowy River. A rock hop is required to get across the Snowy River at this point. This is followed by a steep uphill which takes you past the turnoff to Blue Lake, and many more undulations before passing the beautiful Lake Albina. After Lake Albina, there is a steady climb up to the junction with the Summit Track. You turn right to head up the Summit track to the top of Kosciuszko. This heralds a whole lot of lovely downhill, and you pass a water only aid station at Rawson Pass on your way back down the mountain. Continue down this track, past Seaman's Hut, to cross the Snowy River again at a different point than before. There is a gentle uphill, before more downhill, all the way into the comprehensive aid station at the turnaround in Charlotte Pass Village. Then it is time to do that all again (consensus shows that the second lap is less pleasant and the runners aren't loving life as much as they were in the first lap), except second time around, you don't make the right hand turn onto the Summit track to summit Kosi. You turn left with the knowledge that is pretty well is downhill all the way to the finish line.

Entry Fees

First Release on sale July 3. Pricing is applicable until ticket allocation is exhausted.

EntryFirst ReleaseSecond Release
50km AdultSOLD OUT$229.00
Event MerchandiseSOLD OUTIncluded

Course Maps



2.00pm4.00pmOptional 50km & 25km Trail Run Registration Rydges Horizons- Jindabyne


6.45am8.30am50km Trail Run RegistrationChalet Hotel - Charlotte Pass Village
7.00am9.15am25km Trail Run RegistrationChalet Hotel - Charlotte Pass Village
8.45amEvent Briefing - 50km Trail Run Start Line - Charlottes Pass Village
9.00amRACE START - 50KM TRAIL RUN Start Line - Charlottes Pass Village
9.20amEvent Briefing - 25km Trail Run Start Line - Charlottes Pass Village
9.30amRACE START - 25KM TRAIL RUN Start Line - Charlottes Pass Village


9.00amPresentation - Trail Run 25k & 50kRydges Horizons- Jindabyne

Event Information

Pre-Event Information
  • The 50km & 25km competitor categories
    • 18-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ (Male & Female)
    • Age as of race day
  • Request for withdrawal must be sent via email to our Athlete Services
  • Refer to the Refund & Transfer Policy details
On Event Day
  • All parking for the event will be at Perisher Village (in the ski tube car park), and shuttle buses will be provided to get people to the start at Charlotte Pass Village. Details of your shuttle time will be emailed to you in the week prior to the event. All supporters are able to access this shuttle service as well. 
  • Race briefing will be 15 min prior to start at Charlotte Pass Village (50k start line)
  • Shuttle bus provided from finish line at Charlotte Village to car park at Perisher Ski Tube after race every hour.
  • Participants must be self sufficient, with refuel opportunities (water) and drop bags point at Charlotte Pass. If weather is cold, we will supply soup at Charlotte Pass Village (at the halfway point) and the finish line.
Mandatory Gear List

As the Mount Kosciuszko National Park is an isolated area, it is important that competitors are equipped with basic equipment to help in case of an emergency.

A decision will be made regarding the bad weather gear on Friday afternoon at 5pm, and it will be posted on social media as well as posted up around the event site.


Download Detailed Mandatory Gear List & FAQs


Presentation & Prizes
  • Age group podium prizes for 50km & 25km only (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
  • Can be accessed via the Results link at the top of the page.
  • Results will be uploaded as soon as possible after the completion of the event.

What is the net gain

  • The net gain of the AAA50km is 1520m.
  • The net gain of the AAA25km is 768m

What is the altitude

  • The lowest altitude of the 25km & 50km is 1781m above sea level, and the highest is 2228m (Mt Kosciuszko)

Will there be aid stations

  • The 50km will have two aid stations – one at Rawson Pass, which you will reach at 17.5km into the run which is a water refill station only, and Charlotte Pass at 26.5km into the run. You will need to be self-sufficient outside of that.
  • The 25km will have one aid station at Rawson Pass

What nutrition can we get on course

  • The on course hydration will be Powerade hydration. There will also be a variety of foods including fruit, lollies, muffins and packets of chips at Charlotte Pass Village.

What are the cut off times

  • The cut off for the 50km is 9 hours.
  • There are 2 checkpoint cut offs. Checkpoint 1 is at Charlotte Pass Village at the end of the first lap, participants must make this point in 4hrs and 45mins i.e. 12:45pm. The distance to this checkpoint is 26.5km, and will require participants to average 10.45min/km pace. Checkpoint 2 is the finish line. Participants must make this checkpoint by 5pm, thus giving the last participants through checkpoint 1, 4hrs and 15mins to finish the final 23.5km (i.e. averaging a pace no slower than 10.51min/km).
  • The cut off for the 25km is 8 hours.

Is there a minimum age

  • The minimum age is 18 years for both races.

Is it trail or road

  • Other than 2km in and out of Charlotte Village the 25km course is on track (fire trail and well maintained single trail)
  • Other than 3km in and out of Charlotte Village and to and from the turn around, the 50km course is on track (fire trail and single trail)

Will it still go ahead in adverse weather conditions

  • There may be shortening of the route due to adverse weather conditions, and that is something that the National Parks and Wildlife consultant will make the ruling on. The alpine condition can be closed due to thick fog, or snow, even in March.

What do I have to carry?

  • Please download our mandatory gear list HERE

Can I use poles in the race?

  • Yes you sure can, however any equipment you start with you must finish with.

Can I stash gear in certain places prior to the race?

  • Yes you can have your own drop bag that can be available for you at the aid station at Charlotte Pass Village.

Is there somewhere to put litter on the course?

  • No there isn’t. You will need to carry out what you take in with you. We will have bins at Charlotte Village.

What if I need to poop can I use my sock to wipe?

  • As this run is in National Park, the issue of human faeces is a tricky one. It is a pristine, delicate alpine environment and there simply cannot be any faeces left on course. We need to abide by the “leave no trace” principles (http://www.lnt.org.au/)
  • There are toilets located:
    • At Charlotte Pass
    • At Rawson Pass
  • If you are someone who may have troublesome bowels on a run like this, we suggest you buy a Go Anywhere Toilet Kit (Wag Bag) from an outdoor retailer, or online.  Each toilet waste kit is pre-loaded with waste treatment Poo Powder to gel and solidify liquid waste to a solid. Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste (once activated by a liquid), controls odour and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste.  After using the kit, carry it with you to the next checkpoint where there will be a waste bin for disposal.
  • We don’t want anyone having a “one sock run”!!!

What you get

We try our best to give each participant the best possible sporting event experience.
Here is a list of the benefits that you will receive with your race entry.


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