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The Elite Energiser... October 2010
Turbo Studio
As a triathlete do you want to;

- Increase your cycling power meaning a faster cycle leg and arrive at T2 in better shape for the run?
- Make the most of limited/precious training time? Not a second is wasted at Turbo Studio!
- Track your cycling performance by monitoring your power output?
- Incorporate high quality Brick Training at the Turbo Studio into your training programme?
- Leave your bike/gear at Turbo Studio while you head to Centennial Park for your run straight after a Power Session?
- Learn about pacing your cycling effort with power?

The cycling performance benefits of regular Turbo Studio Power Training sessions are already well established – with increased power output enabling triathletes to ride faster than ever before. But even more importantly, improved power at threshold will enable you to arrive at T2 in far better shape, meaning you can give your all on the run. For triathletes in particular, training time is precious and when it's divided among three disciplines, every second counts. Nobody wants to waste their time on the bike with ineffective training.

At Turbo Studio not a single second of your precious cycling training time is wasted. No cars, no traffic lights, no stops, no mechanicals, no bunches that ride at someone else's pace - just high quality bike training tailored for your fitness level. Viewing your wattage as you train means you get instant feedback on your performance and can objectively monitor your progress with Turbo Studio's power charts. And as your fitness improves, so the training steps up with it. You will also develop improved pacing ability for your cycling leg (one of the most important triathlon skills).
Turbo Studio
Located just up the road from Centennial Park, Turbo Studio also provides the perfect opportunity to perform the highest quality brick training. Do a Turbo Studio Power Training session then immediately head out the door for your run. We'll look after your bike and gear and keep it secure. When you get back, you can take a little time to recover, refuel and rehydrate and perhaps take the opportunity to learn some more about training with power.

for more information or go directly to our website at http://www.turbostudio.com.au


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