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Draft Legal Eliminator

This event is for elite junior athletes looking to race in a draft legal format. The introduction of the ‘Eliminator’ will give junior athletes the opportunity to gain experience in a draft legal format. The race will start with a 300m swim at Forster Keys followed by a 7km draft legal bike leg (4 laps) and finished with a 2km run. However this will be a 2 round knockout race with competitors being eliminated at the end of each round based off a time penalty.

The eligibility is as follows:

  1. you must be 15 years or older on 31st December 2016
  2. You must be an ANNUAL member of Triathlon Australia
  3. You need to have approval to race draft legal from a Triathlon Australia level 2 coach or above

swim 300m

300m swim in the calm waters of Forster Keys


bike 7km

A 4-lap draft legal ride around the closed streets of Forster Keys.


run 2km

2km 2 lap run.

Entry Fees

* all prices will incur a 5.5% administration fee
This event does not include a free event t-shirt

EntryClosesTA Member
Standard Entry12 October 2016, 5pm50.00

Course Maps

Event Information


Collection of your Registration pack is compulsory for all individuals Entrants and only 1 representative from a team.

  • These can be collected from the Registration Marquee on the morning of the race.
  • Please check the Event Schedule for registration and transition opening times
  • Please bring Personal ID, TA membership if applicable
  • Junior athletes please bring your parent or guardian along with you
  • Please check the Event Schedule for the times
  • All place getters (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
  • Can be accessed via the Results link at the top of the page.
  • Results will be uploaded as soon as possible after the completion of the event.

What you get

Results & Live Tracking

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